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Only 9% of Americans eat enough fruits and vegetables.

Why do we hate vegetables?

That means more than 90% of us are falling short.

Why Do We Hate Vegetables?

We Hate Vegetables

Our philosophy is simple: we will eat more vegetables when vegetables taste better.
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We Hate Vegetables But Love The Fix

Why do we hate vegetables?

You mean besides the smell, the taste and the textures? You mean besides the amount of prep they require to cook? And the amount of time, effort and skill they require to cook well? Or do you mean besides the amount of waste they inevitably create when nobody eats them? Because besides all that other stuff, vegetables are great!

Show Me The Hate

In fact, we're born hating vegetables

Humans are born with an evolutionary defense mechanism that kept our ancestors from walking out of the cave and munching on poisonous plants. Today, this same defense mechanism makes it hard for people to enjoy vegetables. We call this:

The Cycle of Vegetable Hatred

It's not just you...
it's everybody

No, really: it's everybody. As the stat at the top of the page makes clear: more than 90% of us don't eat enough vegetables in our diets. That's pretty much "everybody." What does our shared, universal hatred of vegetables mean? It's not good.

The Scope of the Problem

Why in the world would anybody actually want to eat more vegetables?

Better hair, skin and teeth. Better digestion. Better performance in the sack. Y'know, to be honest, if you have to be convinced of the health benefits of eating vegetables, you may be beyond help. Click for more:

The Benefits of eating
LOts of Vegetables

How do we fix vegetables?

Yes, we hate vegetables, but we don't let our hatred define us. Life is too short and besides, we've channeled our hatred into something positive: helping Americans eat more vegetables... not because they have to, but because their vegetables taste so awesome that they want to. We call our approach The Vegetable Fix. Here's how it works:

The Vegetable Fix

Our mission is to break the cycle of vegetable hatred

We Hate Vegetables is a movement sparked by a simple, universal truth: Americans hate vegetables (and we do, too). As we're fond of saying, if we didn't hate vegetables, we'd find a way to eat more of them. But we don't.

You could say we're heroes

We blog vegetables, too

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We are food marketers, food eaters, home cooks, parents, know-it-alls and busy bodies who have grown alarmed at the lack of vegetables in our diet... and then we learned that it's not just us. We all need help eating more vegetables.

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